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“This is the story of how I ended my struggle with food using a simple technique that came out of nowhere and completely changed my life.”

That is why I’m passionate to tell my story of how I overcame all that.

I remember when it all began. I was 5 years old and looking into the mirror thinking my tummy was too big. This is when the negative voice started in my head. 

I began comparing myself to others, judging myself harshly and feeling inferior. I allowed negative ideas to rule the way I thought and felt about myself. In my teenage years, the disordered eating started first with bulimia, then emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.This led to the negative voice getting louder and louder.


After I got married and became a mother, everyone else’s needs became more important than mine. Food became such a comfort, it was my “me time” treat. 

It sounds crazy, but this technique has worked for thousands of women too! It has helped them to: 

  • Heal Emotional Eating

  • Heal Food Cravings

  • Heal their Relationship with Food

If you are like me you have struggled with:

  • Feeling Less Then

  • Watching from the Sidelines

  • Yo-Yo Dieting

  • Self Sabotage 

  • Emotional Eating

  • Giving into Cravings

  • Negative Self Talk

  • Poor Body Image

Life was a constant battle with food and weight

I was always feeling less than. So many times, I would put unrealistic goals on myself to be a certain weight by a certain date. I tried so many diets, teas, pills and rigid exercise programs with no lasting effects. I would cycle through being “good” by sticking to a plan and then one slip up would send me spiraling down the rabbit hole, causing me to regain the weight I had lost. 

This “All or Nothing” thinking left me feeling like a failure and fueled the fire of my inner critic. 

It all changed when I found out that my daughter was expecting.... 

It made me think about how much I wanted to be around, with the ability to get on the floor and play with my grandbabies. I wanted to be healthy and participate in life with my growing family. I wanted to enjoy family pictures instead of feeling stressed and hiding myself in the back. 

This was my “Why” I needed to get my issues under control!

I was fueled by these feeling. It was time to start down the path of healing myself. 

Image by Sarah Ardin

This time was a little different. I had to deal with a little roadblock..

I was battling some menopausal symptoms and my focus was to grow old gracefully, to conquer my menopause symptoms and to feel my best. I wanted to sail through menopause, not battle through it feeling miserable. 

I had been working out consistently at a gym that I love, with a great trainer and great people, but I was still yo-yoing. It was at that point that I realized, what you put in your mouth is most important. 

So I looked and found a great online community for support and made the decision to work one-on-one with someone who would guide me through nutrition and hormonal changes. 

This guidance & accountability was priceless. I was starting to build momentum.

 When all these pieces started coming together, I stumbled across a woman named Brittany sheer luck.

It was the last piece to my puzzle and the one that made the biggest impact. 

She used something called EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. She would help you “tap” on different points of your body to release blocks and emotion. 

Her method sounded crazy, but as I researched her, I saw so many stories of women who were healed from:

  • Emotional Eating

  • Cravings

  • Unhealthy Relationship with Food and their Bodies


Even though I didn’t understand her techniques, I was willing to try anything. 

The results I got from working with her were INSANE!

These techniques got to the root causes of my emotional eating and healed them. Was I skeptical at first? I sure was. What was this woo-woo tapping stuff? Was it just another bandwagon to jump on just to feel like a failure again when it didn’t work?

Over time, I kept having more and more breakthroughs. I kept releasing block after block. 

I remember having a moment realizing that I was finally able to live in the same house with chocolate. What?!? It wasn't calling me!

I would forget ice cream was in the freezer for weeks. Did I finally find the thing I had been looking for all these years?

Image by Jared Erondu

Then even more things started happening

  • I realized that my mind had shifted.

  • I was feeling less anxious.

  • Choosing foods that were good for my body seemed to come easy. 

  • The negative voice got smaller and smaller and the positive loving voice was getting stronger and stronger. 

  • I was Finally comfortable in my skin.

  • Living life no longer meant watching from the sidelines.

  • It became easy to step out of my comfort zone and do things I would have never done before.

These powerful techniques healed the broken parts, changed the voice in my head, and left me feeling empowered and strong. I had finally found it…

The Answer I had been Looking for all my Life!

I had this surge of energy that I just had to share with others.

So, I studied under Brittany Watkins and earned my coaching certification to work with people with the exact same techniques that healed me and gave me freedom.

My Mission

Now my mission is to help women make peace with themselves, their body, and food. 

To change their negative inner voice to a positive loving one. To love and respect themselves. To live life to the fullest. 


To experience joy, happiness, and self-confidence, and to feel empowered, to know that they can accomplish their dreams and that nothing is out of their reach.

I want to help women:

  • Conquer Emotional Eating

  • Say Goodbye to Cravings

  • Step out of their Comfort Zone

  • Live Life instead of Watching It

  • Change the Voice in their Head

  • Heal their Relationship with Food

More importantly, I want women to feel
●    Empowered
●    Self Confident
●    Comfortable in their own Skin

I accomplish my mission by doing 1-on-1 coaching using different techniques to heal the CAUSES of these issues. Over time, we keep removing and releasing block after block until there aren’t any more. 

Even though it’s a “shortcut,” sometimes it can be difficult. If you are at a place where you are FINALLY ready to heal your issues at a DEEP level you are exactly who I’m looking to work with. 

If my story resonates with you, I invite you to apply to work with me 1 : 1. 

After you apply, we will schedule a strategy session. 

We will talk over the phone, FACETIME, Skype or Zoom, and we can see if working together would be a good fit. Then we will come up with an action plan. There is no cookie cutter plan that will work for everyone. 

I will also do a mini session with you so you can experience a technique first hand. You will leave the session a different person than before you started. 

Wishing you Wellness & Healing,


  1 : 1 Coaching

Do you want to explore on your own?


Start with the 

Wellness & Healing Toolbox


You will receive 

3 Tapping Techniques and Basic Principles 

that will help you:

  • Eliminate Food Cravings

  • Conquer Emotional Eating

  • Overcome Overwhelm 

  • Start your Journey to Wellness


"Before I found tapping, I felt like it was hopeless for me to lose weight. My self-esteem was in the gutter. Tapping finally allowed me to get out of those negative thought patters so that I could easily make healthy changes. Within just a few minutes of my first tapping session, I was able to eliminate my cravings for sweets! I am so glad that I started tapping, and so thankful that I met Rosemarie. It has been such a blessing to have her on this journey with me. She is so compassionate and has such a gentle way of addressing sensitive issues. I have always felt comfortable opening up to her and I know that she truly understands where I am coming from. She is a genuinely gifted coach and you will not regret working with her!"


"I am so grateful to have spent some time working with Rosemarie. Through tapping and her compassion and understanding I was able to unlock some areas of my life thatI didn’t even realize were contributing to my emotional eating. She gave me the skills I needed to be more of triggers in my life. The tapping and revelations that came from it allowed me to find healing in areas of my life and have set me on a path to wellness! Rosemarie is empathetic and a great listener! She strives to really understand where you’re coming from and works hard to come up with the best strategy to help! I highly recommend her!"


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